Where is the Colonial Belle docked?
Cruises depart from Packett's Landing in Fairport, unless otherwise noted. We cruise west to Pittsford, and return to Fairport. We are located on the southeast side of the Canal.

Where do I park?
Public parking is available in Packett's Landing, with access to stairs to the dock. There are handicapped parking spaces at the east end of the parking lot, where there is easy access to the dock.

Where do I pick up tickets?
No tickets are needed. We will check you in at the dock.

Is the Colonial Belle handicapped accessible?
We are handicapped accessible on the lower deck. There are stairs to the upper deck. There is a boarding ramp which accommodates wheelchairs from the dock area on to the boat. There are two restrooms on the lower deck. The restrooms have a small step into them and cannot accommodate a wheelchair. There are handrails in both restrooms.

Are there restrooms on board?
There are two restrooms on board, which will not accommodate a wheelchair. There are wheelchair accessible facilities in the building where our Ticket Office and Gift Shop are located.

Are reservations required?
Reservations are highly recommended for any cruise, and are required for meals and specialty cruises. We will accommodate walk-ins when space is available.

Am I required to order a meal?
You are welcome to cruise on any of our regular scheduled cruises without ordering a meal.

Do you cruise when it is raining?
We cruise rain or shine. The main deck is fully enclosed, with wraparound windows. A cruise may be cancelled in the case of severe weather.

Do all cruises go through a lock?
Only three hour cruises include lock passage.

Are dogs permitted on board?
Pets are not permitted. Properly registered service animals, with proper identification, are allowed. Please notify us in advance.

May food or beverage be brought on board?
We do not allow any outside food or beverage, in compliance with our Health Department and Liquor Authority licenses. Please arrange with our Office staff, in advance, if you wish to bring a small cake, provided it is prepared by a licensed bakery. You would be responsible for plates, flatware and napkins. We cannot allow any open flame, due to Coast Guard regulations.

Are beverages available?
There is a full service bar on board, including non-alcoholic beverages. Cash or credit purchases are available.

Are snacks available?
Bagged snack items are available for purchase. Hot Dogs are available on our Sunday 12-1:30 cruise.

May I request reserved seating?
Reserved seating is provided on the fully enclosed first deck for passengers who have pre-ordered a meal. There is no reserved seating on the open-air upper deck.

Are discounts available?
Discounts are available for Seniors (Age 60 and above), Children and Military Personnel with proper ID. Group discounts are available for public tours for groups of 25+.

What attire is suggested?
We recommend casual, comfortable attire, suitable for the weather.

Will I experience motion during a cruise?
The Canal tends to be tranquil, providing a smooth ride. It is unlikely you would experience motion sickness.